Our Tae Kwon Do program guides children through basic to complex punches, kicks and forms. Tae Kwon Do helps students develop positive values such as respect, focus, self-discipline and self-control. It also builds self-esteem and confidence, increases strength and flexibility and promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. The values and life skills that Tae Kwon Do teaches can be applied to all areas of life including home, school, work and play.

Gymnastics is considered by many as the foundation of all sports because it enhances a child’s strength, coordination, and flexibility. Studies have shown that it also improves social and cognitive skills that are so important to your child’s growth. Twisters makes it fun to grow and learn by providing positive and safe instruction taught by qualified coaches who are safety certified.

Our Rock Climbing program is cancelled. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue our rock climbing program at our new Sunnyvale gym. We will be offering Dance instead. Details coming soon!

Twisters Kids’ Club is a unique program that provides reliable transportation, diverse sports classes, and a fun and safe environment for children. Kids’ Club students have the opportunity to participate in Twisters’ gymnastics, rock climbing and Tae Kwon Do classes. For your convenience, we offer transportation to Twisters from the Palo Alto, Mountain View and Los Altos school districts.

Our kids love the Twisters Tae Kwon Do program.  Besides being a great form of exercise, it's taught our kids to be a lot more disciplined and self confident.  But most of all, they love the instructors who are not only highly qualified, but also equally patient and caring.–P. Song

Twisters rock climbing program is awesome!  Not only is this sport extremely physically challenging, requiring the use of nearly every muscle in one's body & really keeping kids active, but it's also very mentally challenging, helping kids overcome their fears, push themselves to that next level, and gain a sense of pride in their abilities & accomplishments.  Coach Eric is the best! –L. Oliveres

Liliana is a rare combination of competence and compassion. She knows my seven childrens' names and teaches each one with love and in some cases an extreme amount of patience. She makes them feel like they are amazing and they don't want to disappoint. She loves her work and although I feel my family and I are her favorite, I notice all the families at Twisters feel the same. She herself is an accomplished athlete in gymnastics as well as diving and she knows her sport. She also knows what it means to work hard and is not afraid to "coach" parents and students about what it takes to give 110%. She taught my oldest daughter from beginner all the way to team. She's a rare gem of a person and coach.–J. Galbraith