Groove with Twisters Dance!

Dancing not only has numerous physical benefits, it also helps develop social and cognitive skills. Twisters’ dancers will discover the world around them through movement and dance by experimenting different ways to move their bodies. Our highly-experienced dance instructors will teach your kids the joy of living a healthy, active lifestyle. Choose from Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary.

We offer the following age groups for each style: • Little Dance (Ages 5-7) • Junior Dance (Ages 8-12) • Teen Dance (Ages 13-17)

Hip Hop

Boys and girls will develop self-expression through hip hop music, while using the whole body to incorporate isolation and energetic movements together. Students will learn and build upon a large vocabulary in Hip Hop as it consists of many different styles of street dance.


This class will teach students all aspects of Breaking: top rocking, ground shuffles, freezes, and power moves, as well as breaking terminology, rhythm, creativity, improvisation, and personal self-expression. Students will also develop interpersonal skills through social interaction by participating in friendly cyphers and battles.


Our Jazz classes teach contemporary steps and technique, with the focus on posture, body alignment, flexibility, and strength. Jazz dance vocabulary will be taught through warm up, isolations, exercises across the floor and short combinations.


Students will learn Ballet vocabulary, posture, body alignment, and graceful athleticism. Ballet is the foundation of most western dance forms and is essential for any student looking to pursue higher levels of dance such as Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, and others.

Creative Movement

The Creative Movement class is for children ages 2 ½-3 years (with parent participation) and, ages 4-5 years. This class will draw on your child’s natural abilities, encouraging potential, nurturing inventiveness, and building physical confidence as movement vocabulary develops.


This is an all-inclusive class exploring the artistic mind and movement through a series of inquiry-based creative workshops, developing Contemporary techniques and ideas.

Introduction Letter & General Policies
Required Ballet Attire