JayR DeGuzman

JayR Deguzman

JayR deGuzman – Kids’ Club Director

JayR deGuzman
Kids’ Club Director

Computer Programming Studies
Martial Arts and Dance (Street Styles) Instructor

Special Awards

  • Santa Clara County KAFPA Award (Foster Child Mentorship)
  • Soulciety Non-Profit Organization Passion Award (At-Risk Youth Mentorship)
  • Cirque Du Soleil On-Call Acrobat Performer
  • Previous Performer in Big Family Entertainment LCC’s “Aladdin the 3D Musical”

Why did you choose this industry at this point and time?
I have both a passion in mentorship as well as performing arts including dance and martial arts. Being involved with Twisters Kids’ Club has allowed me to fulfill both those passions as Twisters’ is an organization that promotes recreational sports that specializes in child growth and development.

What are your favorite aspects of working at Twisters?
Being surrounded by children is the secret to maintaining youth. Coming into Kids’ Club every day is never a dull moment. I’m still able to learn new things even as an adult and keep an open perspective because of what the job has to offer. I also love being involved with our student’s lives from beginning to end of enrollment and seeing their growth over the years.

What impact have you had on Twisters since you’ve been in Management?
The main idea I try to advocate is the importance of our involvement in a child’s life during their stay with us. Being enrolled in Kids’ Club takes up a big percentage of a student’s day, and as young as our students are, the time that they spend with us can make a large impact. With that in mind, my goals are to keep our students engaged with their classes as well as maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle.