Allan Fusilero


Allan Fusilero – Owner / President

Allan Fusilero

BA Economics / Minor Business Administration – University of California at Berkeley (1998)

Special Awards

  • Four time qualifier to the Junior Olympic National Championships (1989 – 1992)
  • 3-time Region 1 Team Member  – Regional Team won National Championship Title (1990)
  • Achieved a 2nd Degree Black Belt Ranking in Tae Kwon Do (1991)
  • Member of the NCAA Championship Teams at UC Berkeley (1997 and 1998)

What brought you to this industry?

The sport of gymnastics has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. Gymnastics is not just a sport too me. A person can use it as a resource to develop and grow into the person that they want to become. I truly believe that everyone who participates in sports such as gymnastics, tae kwon do, and rock climbing, over time, become people who continuously grow, learn, and adapt to life’s ups and downs. Too me, these types of sports offer the basic ingredients to living a productive and meaningful life. Hopefully, if we represent our sport well, we’ll teach the kids to have the tools to climb a higher mountain, attain balance, or overcome difficulty in sport and in life.

Why do you work at Twisters?

I love what Twisters is all about. It’s all about the kids. Our mission is bigger than simply making money, winning medals, or collecting banners. We are about the long term growth and development of every child that participates in our programs and every staff member understands and believes in this mission. Our competitive teams are very successful, but we’re so much more than that. I love that we strive to be students of our chosen sport and teachers rather than coaches. I love that we know that we have areas that we need to improve upon and we’re not afraid to try different things. I love that we are always seeking knowledge to improve ourselves for the benefit of the kids and the Twisters community.

What positive impact have you had on Twisters since you’ve been in Management?

I think that bringing in such a wonderful group of people to surround the kids has been my biggest achievement.  Many of our staff members come from very prestigious universities and are extremely accomplished.  My personal philosophy has always been to surround myself with a diverse mix of people who excel in different areas.  This way, different perspectives are always given during the decision making process. Everyone’s input is valued. It’s always a collective effort, but the staff, kids, and families definitely deserve the credit for the strides that Twisters has made over the past 8 years. They’re always wanting to do things better and I admire them for that. It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished together, but we’re always trying to get better.