Ericka Fusliero


Ericka Fusliero – Owner / Secretary

Ericka Fusilero
Owner / Secretary

BS Human Development / Child Psychology – University of California at Davis (2002)

Special Awards

  • Member of the only NCAA USAG Team National Championship at UC Davis (1999)
  • Female Student-Athlete of the Year at UC Davis and recipient of the Hubert Heitman Award (2000)
  • USAGC All-American – Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise, and All-Around (2000)
  • USAGC National Champion – Floor Exercise and Uneven Bars (2000)
  • USAGC All-American – Uneven Bars, Floor Exercise, Beam, and All-Around (2001)
  • USAGC National Champion – Floor Exercise and Uneven Bars (2001)
  • USAGC National Champion – Uneven Bars (2002)
  • Inducted into the UC Davis Athletic Hall of Fame (2008)
  • Northern California Compulsory Coach of the Year (2010)

What brought you to this industry?

As an athlete and coach, gymnastics plays a big part in my continued development as a person. This sport offers many life skills that, hopefully, our students are open to receive. My transition into a teacher role allows me the opportunity to share in each child’s successes and hardships. I am constantly inspired by a student’s choice to take on the inherent risks of our sport. Their courage to face fears and their willingness to put in the necessary work at the chance of success or failure drives my passion to help them achieve their goals.

Why do you work at Twisters?

I am proud to be part of an organization whose purpose is focused on the overall development of a child through sports. At Twisters, each program strives to instill a sense of community, focus, hard work, and success. Having this goal attracts teacher minded individuals that are passionate about the process and not only the end result.

What positive impact have you had on Twisters since you’ve been in Management?

I hope that my fellow staff members, students and families acknowledge my deep love of children and their amazing ability to connect their mind and body to perform, typically, unnatural skills. I hope that my students develop an appreciation for the art of quality gymnastics. I also hope that they train with mastery and beauty from the most basic skills to the most difficult ones.