Jason Magno


Jason Magno
Break Dance Instructor / Gym Coach / Special Events Manager

Jason Magno
Break Dance Instructor / Gym Coach / Special Events Manager

B.S. in Game and Simulations Programming at DeVry University; June 2011

Special Awards
Black belt at Sikaran-Arnis Academy

Why did you choose this industry at this point and time?

Prior to moving to San Jose, I had been teaching breaking and beginning tumbling to the students at Studio 661. Never had I thought I would be able to share with the younger generation an aspect of my life that has helped influence and guide my journey. I had the opportunity to pass on the art of breaking to the students at Studio 661. Watching the younger generation grow and express who they truly are through breaking brings a feeling of fulfillment and purpose.

Studio 661 was my first dance home, and since the move to San Jose, I’ve been searching for that “second home.” I’ve taught at a few other locations, but none had that same feeling. I found out about Twisters and it now fills that empty space.

I’ve choose this industry, or Twisters, because I wanted to follow a career path that I started in my high school years, breaking. I wanted to be part of a movement that helps influence a child’s life through breaking or tumbling. And Twisters is providing that path for me.

What are you favorite aspects of working at Twisters?

I have several favorites. First, I enjoy sharing my knowledge about breaking and tumbling to the younger generation and watching them use those skills to help influence their lives. Second, I get to train while I work and work while I train. Third, when you love coming to work, it is not called work anymore; it’s how life should be.

What impact have you had on Twisters since you’ve been Management?

I began as a breaking instructor and then added on the responsibilities of Special Events Manager. My co-manager, Nathan, and I have developed a fun and enriching culture for birthday parties. We have trained the staff to provide the best possible party experience through our training curriculum. As a result, every guest leaves Twisters smiling and with a new happy memory. Ultimately, my personal goals are to have an unmatched and skillful party staff, to hear families leaving Twisters saying, “This is our next birthday spot” and to have parties filled and booked months in advance.

My other personal goal at Twisters is to help expand the dance program to over 100+ students and get to performance and competitive levels.