Jerico Catura


Jerico Catura –  TKD Manager and Head Instructor

Jerico Catura
TKD Manager and Head Instructor
Summer Recreational Camp Lead

SJSU – BA in Marketing
USA Martial Arts – 4th degree black belt in TKD & 1st degree in Kenpo

Special Awards

  • 9x NBL World Champion
  • 7x NBL Hall of Fame
  • Choreographer for AMAPA performance team
  • 2007 Sport Karate Magazine (front cover)
  • Featured in print and catalog issues.
  • BKJN – Jr. Master Title

What brought you to this industry?
I love martial arts and helping others learn the sport I grew to love.

Why do you work at Twisters?
Twisters is a family based environment. Everyone here is friendly and easy to talk to and get along with. From the staff to the children to the parents, the atmosphere is one of a kind and it’s something that I feed on. It’s super fun and every has a positive attitude.

What positive impact have you had on Twisters since you’ve been in Management?

  • I helped organize and restructure the TKD program.
  • I created quarterly testing system, which makes it easy for students to track their progress. It also keeps families informed of future testing dates. In the end, it helps the kids become more responsible for their learning and what they need to accomplish.
  • Twisters now offers monthly email updates to help student/parents aware of upcoming events.
  • I’ve provided different exercises to help shy kids become comfortable without “putting them on the spot.”
  • I’ve put a tremendous amount of work into updating the TKD facility as well as putting up information about the program, my background & accomplishments.