Karen McKenzie


Karen McKenzie
Developmental Gymnastics


  • MS Degree in Physical Education
  • BS Degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Life/Health Coach
  • Corporate Wellness Director
  • TN Massage License; Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars
  • Yoga, Yoga Ed., Thai Yoga Massage and Restorative Yoga
  • Personal Trainer; Pilates, foam roller, stability ball

Special Awards

  • Ms. Tennessee in Women’s Bodybuilding (1985)
  • Business Owner: Columbia Massage & Wellness
  • Business Owner: Gallery Yoga Studio, Columbia, TN
  • Business Owner: Discovery Gymnastics, Columbia, TN (1986-96)
  • Gymnastics Coach 30+ years (state, regional and national champions)
    • L-9 National Champion Brooke Baker: 1st AA, Floor & Beam
  • Dance and Compulsory Coach for Bela and Martha Karolyi
  • Instructor for Dick and Linda Metheny Mulvihill at the National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics

What brought you to this industry?

My love for the sport of gymnastics started as a gymnast when I was in grade school and has remained primary in my heart. I enjoy working with individuals and groups using my expertise in the areas of gymnastics, fitness, dance, yoga, and healing arts.

My experience of mind, body and spirit connection, coupled with my passion for health and fitness, has influenced the way I motivate myself and others in obtaining goals for optimum health and athleticism.

Why do you work at Twisters?

Twisters Sports Center agrees with my enthusiasm for creating a foundation of fun, fitness and facilitation of quality instruction. The management shares the path of providing the best possible instruction while allowing each child the opportunity to reach their goals, not only in the sport of gymnastics, but also in area of personal development. The opportunity to be a part of Twisters Sports Center is not only exciting and fun, it allows me to be part of a program that is greatly benefitting the communities of Silicon Valley.

What positive impact have you had on Twisters since you’ve been in Management?

The positive impact that I have made while being in management has been one of inspiring quality instruction while supporting the achievement of Twisters Sports Center’s highest potential. My contribution is one of promoting teamwork and organization as a fast track toward success. I am honored to be an integral part in the collaboration and developmental process aimed at sustaining the highest quality of gymnastics training possible while supporting personal and management goals.