Katherine Wu


Katherine Wu – Cupertino Manager

Katherine Wu
Cupertino Manager

Bachelors of Science in Mathematics
First Aid and CPR Certified

What brought you to this industry?

I grew up in Twisters taking classes and attending camp. Twisters has been a home to me. Gymnastics has been a passion of mine since a young age. I love to watch the kids grow and fall in love with gymnastics and help them achieve their goals.

Why do you work at Twisters?

Twisters has the most dedicated and caring staff. The staff really cares about helping the kids grow. I love watching kids not only improve their gymnastics but learn skills like dedication, passion, and perseverance.

What positive impact do you hope to have on Twisters?

I hope to help motivate other coaches and help them to bring out their best potential. I hope to help organize the gymnastics program and help bring together a community of trust, learning, and unity.