Loren Parodi


Loren Parodi – Xcel Team Manager

Loren Parodi
Xcel Team Manager

Bachelor’s of Science-Exercise science
Associate of Science- Dietetic Technology
Safety certified

What brought you to this industry?
Gymnastics has always been a big part of my life.  I grew up competing for Twisters, so it feels like home to me.   I chose this industry because I get to do what I love, I’m surrounded by great people at Twisters, and I get to be a positive role model for every gymnast at Twisters.

Why do you work at Twisters?
The environment at Twisters is positive and upbeat so coming into work every day is fun.  The staff works well together and we all have the same philosophy. I love working with the kids because they are energetic, motivated to learn, and improve. I love seeing the kids develop, not only in their gymnastics career, but also in everyday life.

What positive impact have you had on Twisters since you’ve been in Management?
Since I have had the privilege to help start the Twisters Xcel Team, I’ve been able to help the team grow from 7 kids in 2012 to 25 kids in 2013.  I also bring organization, solid coaching and choreography and a fun learning environment for the gymnasts.